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Welcome to Hearing Aid Services of Hollywood, the full-service audiology and hearing aid practice that has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for over 70 years. When you browse our website, you'll find more than 40 articles I’ve written that provide up-to-date, in-depth information about hearing loss, hearing aids and audiology. These will help you understand what it will take to resolve your hearing problem and why thousands of Southern Californians agree that Hearing Aid Services of Hollywood is the right choice. If you are shopping for hearing instruments for the first time, I recommend you review our Hearing Aids section in the menu. Then learn more by browsing the remaining articles on the site.

Jeff Grama, M.A.

Audiologist, Clinical Director

My Pledge to You

Jeff Grama, M.A. Audiologist, Clinical Director

Your life will change dramatically when you begin wearing your new hearing instruments. Because your devices will be correctly fitted and properly programmed, you will rapidly get accustomed to wearing them and find them easy to use. You will be amazed at how your hearing aids reopen the world of sound and restore pleasure to your life. Sooner than you might think, daily use of your instruments will be as routine as putting on a pair of glasses or placing your car keys in your pocket. And, chances are, most people won’t realize you’re wearing them!

Jeff Grama, M.A.

Audiologist, Clinical Director


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Oticon’s Latest Microchip

For as long as I have been an audiologist, hearing aids have relied on directional microphones to improve speech understanding in noisy environments. The microphones focus on the speech signal directly in front of the listener to increase intelligibility by decreasing interference caused by competing sounds from the rear. Read More...

Hearing Aids and Brain Function

This is a follow up to the article entitled Improve Your Cognitive Functioning from Issue 36 of our newsletter. In that article, we stated, “As we age, our cognitive functioning (the ability to acquire knowledge through thought, experience and the senses) slows and becomes less efficient. Read More...

Binaural Hearing and Siemens binax™

Just as seeing with two eyes gives you visual depth per- ception, hearing with two ears (binaural hearing) allows a listener to have directional and spatial awareness for sound. Binaural hearing is crucial for understanding speech in noisy environments. Read More...

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