Hearing Aids Do's and Don'ts

The Do's and Don'ts of caring for your hearing aids.

How to care for hearing aids


  • DO store your hearing aids in their case immediately upon removing them.
  • DO keep them out of the reach of small children and pets.
  • DO clean your hearing aids daily to remove wax and debris.
  • DO place a storage box next to the phone if you typically remove a hearing aid when making or answering a call.
  • DO wear them during all waking hours. A stimulated brain is a happy brain.
  • DO purchase a backup pair of hearing aids or repair your old ones for emergency use.
  • DO have your hearing aids serviced before taking an extended trip.
  • DO make sure you have enough batteries and wax filters on hand.
  • DO have your ears checked at least four times per year if you have wax problems.
  • DO have your hearing aids serviced at least twice a year.
  • DO wear a sweatband to protect your hearing aids from moisture during exercise.

what not to do hearing aids


  • DON'T ever remove your hearing aids in a bathroom.
  • DON'T get them wet. If you do, pat them dry, remove the batteries and call me immediately.
  • DON'T sleep with your hearing aids. You may break or lose them.
  • DON'T buy bargain batteries. Your hearing aids won’t perform as well.
  • DON'T wear your spouse’s hearing aids. They won’t fit properly and are not adjusted for your hearing loss.
  • DON'T store your batteries in a refrigerator.

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