Hearing Aids and Invisibility

Hearing aids come in many shapes, styles and sizes, let us find the perfect match for you.

Micro Hearing Instruments

Micro behind-the-ear hearing aids are nearly invisible. Most everything we buy today is smaller than products made just a few years ago. Hearing aids are no exception. Micro behind-the-ear instruments offer the same level of performance as their larger counterparts while providing a more appealing cosmetic alternative.

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Micro Hearing Instruments

Invisible Hearing Instruments

Invisible-In-The-Ear Hearing Instruments

I have some news about a recently released product for current patients and those who need hearing aids but have chosen not to wear them. The leading manufacturers have developed an invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) instrument.

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The Power of Today's Hearing Aids

It is understandable for people to think that today’s hearing aids are not superior to those sold three or four years ago. The fact is, however, technology has recently soared.

powerfull hearing aids

To illustrate these improvements, I would like to share a true story.

A new patient visited my office having been discouraged by his past experiences with hearing instruments. This gentleman had worked in the entertainment industry for many years. He had used several different sets of hearing aids, but none ever provided him with the solution he yearned for. He complained that his own voice sounded hollow, and he never understood speech in noisy environments. Furthermore, he reported that he had to “fake it all the time” when speaking with colleagues. His assistants would take notes and pass on the information to him in written form so he could stay in communication with his co-workers, or they would repeat what was said after the conversation was over.

After a thorough evaluation of his hearing loss, I recommended the most advanced completely-in-the-canal hearing instruments from a leading manufacturer. Two weeks later, at the initial fitting, he and his wife were astounded how well he could understand speech in quiet and when background noise was present. At his first follow-up session, he reported that he no longer had to rely on his assistants to fill him in about happenings at work. He was able to understand everything at home, on television and even had no difficulties when attending a “monster truck” show in a closed arena. Life had completely transformed for this gentleman. He had become more productive on the job, the stress he had been experiencing had virtually disappeared, and he made life easier for those with whom he interacted.

All state-of-the-art instruments help to restore the quality of hearing you need to enjoy listening to and participating in life again. Feel free to give us a call to schedule a demonstration.

Entry and Mid-Level Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid

We realize that not everyone can easily fit high-end hearing aids into their budgets. For those of you who are in this category, entry-level and mid-level digital hearing aids are available at considerably lower prices.

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