Oticon Opn ITC Device

Advanced circuitry and features of the Opn were never available in a custom product… until now

Oticon’s New Opn S: A Step Closer to Normal Hearing.

The biggest challenge for people with hearing loss is understanding speech of multiple speakers when in noisy environments. Oticon answered that challenge with the advent of the Opn product line in 2016. Yet, in only three years of development, Oticon has taken a great product and made it even more impressive. The just released Oticon Opn S™ delivers markedly improved performance and greater convenience than the previous generation of Opn devices.

The Opn S has the fastest, most advanced circuitry available in the hearing aid world. The new Velox S platform chip can monitor changes in the acoustic environment by making an astounding 56,000 measurements per second. The Opn S micro-computer continually accesses and analyzes all of the speech information in the listener’s surroundings. The system works so rapidly that it can reduce unwanted noise, even between words. The levels of noise coming from all directions are instantly reduced, while the speech signals are simultaneously preserved.

OpenSound Optimizer technology is a breakthrough in sound quality and speech understanding, providing up to 30 percent more speech cues than previous Opn models. This feature allows the user to decide who and what to listen to and to switch attention as desired, no matter where the speaker is positioned. The result is superior understanding of multiple voices in all listening situations while significantly reducing listening effort. Oticon’s studies have shown that Opn S users experience speech understanding in difficult listening environments equal to the performance of people with normal hearing. Additionally, in a study of current Opn users, 96 percent preferred the Opn S to their own Opn instruments, and they made the choice to upgrade.

Easy wireless connections and the option of hassle-free rechargeability

Opn S connects directly to your iPhone® so you can seamlessly converse on your phone, listen to podcasts or stream music. The optional TV adapter turns your hearing aids into a wireless headset. You will hear TV audio in high-fidelity stereo while others in the room listen at their preferred volume level.

If you’re looking for added convenience, you can choose the Opn S rechargeable solution. An overnight battery charge lets you power up state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries for a full day of uninterrupted listening... no more batteries to buy or to search for and insert while in the midst of an important conversation.

Never before could a manufacturer or an audiologist claim that a device offered hearing improvement that compared favorably to normal hearing, but Opn S breaks the limits of what we thought was possible with hearing aids. Proven to provide even better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments than the previous generation of hearing aids, Opn S lets you take an active part in difficult listening situations, just as those with normal hearing do.

I encourage you to set up a time to come in and experience this extraordinary new hearing instrument from Oticon.

Oticon Introduces Opn™ Completely in the Canal Devices

Many people with mild to moderate hearing losses are reluctant to seek a solution for their communication difficulties. If hearing aids are recommended, they hesitate to wear the devices due to concerns about being stigmatized. However, these fears can be countered with miniaturized technology that is secured deeply within the ear canal. A hearing instrument that is essentially invisible provides hearing improvement and also inspires confidence.

Within the last two years, we’ve observed advances in behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid circuitry that have produced striking improvements in speech intelligibility and comprehension. The Oticon Opn BTE and RITE have become the standard of care for today’s hearing aid fittings. Yet, the advanced circuitry and features of the Opn were not available in a custom product… until now. We are delighted to announce that Oticon has just introduced the Opn miniature completely-in-the-canal (CIC) device that offers the essential enhancements available in the larger Opn BTE hearing aids.

The amplifier of the Opn CIC includes two critical components of the original BTE product line. First, it maintains the extended frequency response, which allows the user to experience an unparalleled sound quality. Second, the sophisticated spatial analyzer provides a unique auditory depth perception never before experienced with any custom product. The analyzer allows the wearer to identify the location and distance of the sound source, creating an authentic perception of the sound environment. These features, when coupled with the 113 dB wide dynamic range microphone, restore the quality of speech and music to a level that rivals that of normal hearing individuals. Furthermore, the eleven-core processor provides the same excellent speech understanding of the BTE Opn products in noisy environments

As with any device that is so tiny, some limitations exist. The Opn CIC is appropriate for fitting only mild to moderate hearing losses. Additionally, since there is no room for an antenna, the wireless connectivity and streaming to cell phones is not available. Fortunately, most people with mild to moderate hearing loss have little or no difficulty hearing on a cell phone.

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