Phonak Bolero and Virto

Phonak Raises the Bar Again With New and Improved Technology

Meet the Phonak Bolero® and Virto®

Phonak has taken a large technological leap with the introduction of the Bolero (behind-the-ear) and Virto (in-the-ear) product lines. These units automatically adapt to your ever-changing environments (from quiet conversations to noisy restaurants) to maximize your understanding of speech.

Bolero and Virto feature the latest iteration of Phonak’s popular zoom microphone technology, with three different arrays available:

Ultrazoom Premium

Ultrazoom Premium automatically zooms in on voices in noisy situations when many people are facing you. This results in reduction of interfering noise from the rear and both sides.

Auto Stereo Zoom

In noisy situations, when you want to communicate with just one person in front of you, Auto Stereo zoom homes in with a narrower microphone angle to help isolate interfering noises even more than Ultrazoom Premium.

Auto Zoom Control

There are times when you want to hear better from one side or behind you. With Auto Zoom Control you can change the directional sensitivity of the microphones to either side, the rear or to the front. This allows you to be able to hear only from the direction that you want. For example, when driving, you could direct the microphones to the right so you could hear your passenger.

Bolero and Virto also offer these cutting edge features:

  • DuoPhone: You can listen to the phone with one ear and hear it in both ears.
  • Direct connection to TVs, MP3 players and other audio devices.
  • Simultaneous operation of both hearing aids by operating only one unit.
  • Improved hearing comfort outdoors with WindBlock.
  • Virtually no acoustic feedback with WhistleBlock.
  • Better speech understanding in rooms with echoing via EchoBlock.

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