Complimentary Programming for VA Patients

All too often, we take our blessings as Americans for granted. Our veterans are owed a debt of gratitude for putting their lives on the line. Without their efforts, we could not continue to enjoy the precious freedoms that the founding fathers laid out in the Constitution.

How Do We Help?

At Hearing Aid Services of Hollywood, fitting new hearing aids ensure that the devices meet the patient’s needs and expectations in a variety of listening situations. The average appointment is at least an hour.

Unfortunately, high patient demand limits the time available for veteran affairs audiologists to fit and program veterans’ hearing instruments. Many veterans have commented that they wished they could hear more clearly with their VA-issued hearing aids, but they often must wait up to six months for an appointment with an audiologist.

Providing Specialized Help For Individualized Treatment

Soldiers are exposed to a tremendous amount of noise when on active duty, so hearing loss is not uncommon. After being discharged from the military, all veterans undergo a rigorous series of exams to determine if a hearing loss is present and, if the tests are positive, to evaluate its severity. I am contracted with a subsidiary of the Veterans Administration to help make these determinations. Those with diagnosed hearing loss attributed to their military service are eligible to receive high-quality hearing instruments through the VA Healthcare System.

I frequently witness the frustration that veterans experience with the limited performance of their hearing aids and it honestly breaks my heart.

Help Us Make A Difference

In 2013, I made it my mission to provide fitting and programming, free of charge, for all veterans issued hearing aids through the VA system. That mission continues today.

If you know veterans who wear hearing aids, but wish they could hear more clearly, please pass on our contact information. We feel that this is the least we can do to thank them for their service to our country and to welcome them back home.

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